‘Star Wars’ Beats ‘Avengers 2’ for Most Anticipated Film of 2015

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Iron Man is no match for Luke Skywalker. That’s the takeaway from Fandango’s survey of the most anticipated films of 2015. The online ticketing company found that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is …
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Spanish wine researchers work to preserve rare grape varieties

With 70% of the world’s wines coming from just 30 varieties, researchers started protecting the genetic diversity of grapes
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DNS Hacks to increase your browsing speed

There is perhaps nothing more painful than having a slow internet connection in the modern world and it is even more painful if you have good bandwidth but it does not capitalizes the full potential of the bandwidth. One good way to make your browsing experience faster and more reliable is by hackin…
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How To Find Faster-Than-Light Particles

A new paper claims to demonstrate that neutrinos not only travel faster than the speed of light, but have the brain-twisting characteristic of “imaginary mass”, a property that means they actually speed up as they lose energy.
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Vinho faz tão bem quanto exercícios físicos, diz estudo | EXAME.com

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Ao longo de 4 meses, pesquisadores incorporaram à dieta de ratos uma substância chamada resveratrol, encontrada em nozes, alguns tipos de frutas e vinho tinto
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New Diagnostic Platform Can Detect Over 1,000 Pathogens In Just 6 Hours

An innovative new diagnostic platform that is capable of detecting more than 1,000 disease-causing organisms in just six hours has just been approved for use in Europe, potentially paving the way for a transformation in the manner in which diseases are diagnosed.
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